Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome to my new blog

Hi everyone (well, future everyone...).
Welcome to my new blog.
this is jumping ahead abit, but i was really impressed with this blogging platform..
im not very well versed in the blogging biz, but i do have another blog in hebrew, and this blogging platform is just so nice...but more about that later.

i suppose the first post should have to do with a sort of mission statement, so here goes:
this is intended to be a blog about science, technology, programming, software in general and probably some other random things i think about.

back to the blogging platform, now the random reader (U(0,1)) might think that perhaps this is some kind of commercial for Google , or for or whatever, but really its not.
i just like the "feel" of everything, i love that it took me 5 mins to set up the blog, that it has nice features like autosave for posts while writing, many nice looking and tastefully done templates (so what if i went with the first one ..i like the "word press like" feeling) but mostly i like the nice friendly clean uncluttered interface.

but enough about that.

anyhow, i hope you enjoy your stay, and please feel free to feed on my RSS , it has 20% of the daily recommended dosage of news and updates!



Adina said...

Hi Motek!
Congratulations on your new blog. Have fun :)

Yossi Naar said...

:) thanks dindin.