Monday, September 24, 2007

Silence of the blogs

Some say silence is golden.

Of course, they didn't even bother following their own golden rule, so we shouldn't pay any attention to them. I, however, was not lost for words, but an overload of work left very little time for some of my favorite things. One of them is writing here, but others are watching TV, and of course, playing computer games (how's that for segue of the year?).

Most ‘real’ adults I know don’t actually play computer games (no , soliter and minesweeper don’t count). I am talking about “hard core” games. RPG’s like gothic (one of the best RPG’s ever. Well, two actually. Gothic 1 and 2 where amazing. Gothic 3 was an awful mistake that I am willing to overlook if they change it back and fix the engine in gothic 4) and Never winter nights. One might also expect me to mention oblivion, but the truth is it’s a terrible game with an amazing graphics engine. The problem with oblivion btw is that it takes the whole fun of RPG’s out of the game by creating a game system that upgrades your enemies according to your current level…and this means you simply can’t progress in the game. Doing a beginner quest later on is just as hard as if you would have done it in the beginning….it doesn’t “keep the game challenging” as some misguided game designer might think, it keeps you from getting anywhere. Imagine a life where things never get harder or easier…they are just the same all the time. Sure, the graphics are great, but the plot leaves something to be desired, and you can never achieve anything.

Hmm…it seems I strayed from my point there….what I was saying is that “true adults” don’t seem to play computer games, and I think it’s a shame. I bought myself an xbox in the beginning of the year. I’v always wanted a game console as a kid but my parents couldn’t afford one. They also considered it to be a waste of money (‘why would you spend that much money on a game anyway’). They were, however, willing to buy a computer because we managed to convince them it was ‘educational’. Turns out it was. Wanting to play computer games motivated me into learning how to tweak the mighty Autoexec.bat and the holy Config.Sys. Words cannot describe the joy of getting your conventional memory up to a free 620k (and I could even manage 632k in some cases). It was almost as satisfying as playing the game. So the years passed, and it turns out that playing all these games and learning how to tweak things, finding new ways to cheat at games by freezing and changing memory addresses and hex editing save files really played off. These days I can afford to do all the things I wanted to do as a child thanks to these computer thingies.

The problem is that our society is structured in a very annoying way, now that I can afford to do all these cool things I am considered too old for them (which doesn’t usually bother me…) but mostly, it doesn’t leave you time to do all the things you CAN do. Time also takes away some of the energy, although I have an untested theory that you actually gain energy by running around, playing with your friends and doing fun and exciting things. they also took all the fun junk food away. When you’re a kid, your parents limit your junk food consumption because it’s not healthy for you (you don’t care , because you’re a kid and you know what’s fun) , but as you grow older , you start to believe that junk food is actually bad for you. Hell, it’s not even just junk food time passes it seems food in general is just out to get you and is looking for new ways to kill you (mad cow, cancer , allergies, free radicals, confined radicals, toxins, chemicals, monosodium glutamate to name a few). The only things that are good and healthy are things you don’t really want to eat. And even if you find something that you like to eat and is both good and healthy, then you still have to watch out for the ominous cholesterol creeping through your veins…really, it seems some people can’t enjoy life , and somehow they manage to convince the rest of us that we shouldn’t either. Even if we still do things that are fun , they find all kinds of ways to make us feel guilty about it.

So I bought myself an Xbox. I don’t have as much time as I did when I was a kid to play games. Usually I prefer spending time with my girlfriend, watching TV, reading or having a drink with my friends. But every now and then I still find the time to play a new computer game (maybe I’ll buy that ultimate gaming pc I always wanted..which will be outdated a month later J ) or a cool game on the xbox (last one was BioShock… Unreal engine 3 is truly Unreal… ) . And I wish to say to you : buy your xbox, travel to that place, do that thing you wanted to do as a kid. Maybe people will tell you it’s silly or a waste of time and money. Don’t listen to them - I promise you, it’s worth it.


Adina said...

And Rollerblades!

Dan said...

What's more, Xboxes are now cheaper than ever! It's like god is sending you a sign to buy an Xbox.