Monday, March 23, 2009

Amazing!!! The Future of cell phones is here now!!!!

Check this out, it’s this amazing invention! The MODU!
It’s a cell phone, right?

And, get this – it comes in different shapes!!!!

Its so cool and innovative!!!!
I mean, think of the possibilities: you can have like , a yellow slider pone, or like an angular little phone, or this tiny thing with no numbers on it, or like a crazy psychedelic phone with like really small buttons!!!

They will make millions! Billions even! Of possibly dollars!
And you will never believe the specs! Its 2.5 Gen (like the amazing non 3g version of the iphone 1.0)
It has Bluetooth (like the iphone)
It doesn’t have a built in GPS (like the iphone non-3g)
And it has 2 Gig of flash (less (thus lighter) then the cheapest version of the first iphone)!!!
You know, it amazingly also costs like half of what the iphone costs, plus you get 2 jackets! So it’s like 4 times better! Actually you can use the modu without the jacket, so its like 6 times better! So its even mathematically proven to be superior! With numbers!

And if that’s not enough, they have a touch screen. But unlike the silly iphone, it’s not going to do things when you touch the screen, only when you touch the buttons. I mean, the iphone hardly HAS any buttons, the modu has 7 buttons on the tiny version alone! It’s like, obviously if you want to do something you click the BUTTONS.

To show how amazing and cool the modu is, I have made this table of comparison.
Using this table you can clearly see the superiority of the Modu!

Amazing Modu

Silly Iphone







Guinness world records



Waste battery on WiFi



Waste battery on GPS



Can become a car radio



Total awsomness



* - math is for silly iphone geeks.

Oh, full disclosure - i have one of those silly iphone things.


Dan said...

It's amazing it took them so much time to reach skinnable cell phones.

Besides, if I understand the purpose of the modu correctly, you actually need to remember to take it out of your alarm clock and into your phone, then to your car's radio system, then back to your phone, then to the amazing picture-frame on your desk...
And here I thought in the future it's all going to be connected without me having to keep track of anything.

Yossi Naar said...

That's very silly. why would you loose track of your own phone? i mean, you cant do anything without it! i think that in the near future you can have like a body jacket, where you can just take out the modu and put it into a different body, and become a different person!